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Methamphetamine Testing

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Methamphetamine Testing

We Offer Meth Testing to Those Homes
Who are Suspected of Having Meth.

Methamphetamine (also known as “Crystal Meth” or “Meth”) is a Highly Addictive & Illegal Stimulant. A Meth Lab is an Illegal Drug-Manufacturing Site, often a House or Apartment, Containing Equipment and Potentially Toxic Chemicals Required to Produce Meth. Cases of Meth Labs in Purchased Homes Have Cost Homeowners $36,000 + to Re-mediate and Health Hazards Incurred on the Family.

Example Signs of Possible Meth Use:

  • Presence of Equipment Used to Cook Meth, Such as Pressure Cookers, Jugs, Blenders, Aluminum Foil, Ph Test Strips, Turkey Basting Wands, Rubber Gloves, Thermometers, Funnels, Strainers and Duct Tape;
  • Unusual Odors, The Odors Associated with Meth Labs Often Smell Sweet or Bitter, and Some People have Described it As Burning Popcorn. An Ammonia Smell, Similar to That of Pet Urine, May Also Be Present. Waste Products May Have Been Dumped Down Sinks, Drains or Toilets. These Waste Products Can Collect in Drains, Traps and Septic Tanks and Can Give Off Fumes;
  • Chemical Staining of Walls and Floors. Yellow or Red Stains Are Likely to be a Result of Phosphorous Or Iodine Spillage;
  • Extreme Measures of Privacy Such as Painting Window Glass,
  • Signs of Anger That Result in Broken Windows and Holes in Doors and Walls,
  • Strong Smelling Stench and Staining, and Chemical Containers.
  • Rust Appearing on Door Hinges, Cabinet Knobs, Light Fixtures or Keys. Corrosive Gasses Such as Hydrochloric Acid Cause This Rusting;

If You Suspect Meth or Want a Sampling Done to gain the Peace of Mind, We Take Samples and Have the Results Analyzed by a Professional Laboratory.

*Results Are Emailed Within 24-72 Hours of the Sample Drop off and then You Can Determine the Need for Decontamination.

**Time starts, day after sample has been taken, if sample is taken after 3PM on Friday time starts Monday.

***Same day sampling, Lab requires 24 hour notice of incoming sample.

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