November 11th is World Origami Day!
Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into various creative things, such as animals and flowers.



Here’s a Quick Origami Fact – Did you know that in Japan a Paper Crane is Considered a Symbol of Peace!



To celebrate this wonderful day I have created an easy origami fox tutorial, so you too can get involved:


What you will need:

  • Square origami paper

  • Pen

1. Fold the square origami paper in half to form a triangle:

2. Fold this triangle in half again:

3. For the final time fold the paper in half to form yet another triangle:


4. Now fold another smaller triangle, as shown:

5. Then turn the paper over and fold another triangle, to create a much smaller triangle:















6. Your origami fox should now look like this:















7. Next, create the fox’s tail by folding the end of the triangle (see image):
















8. To create the fox’s body create a crease on the left side of the paper, as shown:

9. Open up the crease and fold the middle section forward to create the fox’s face, as shown in the image:















10. Finally, add the small details on the fox’s face with a pen and your origami fox is done!

Have Fun with Creating this Cute Little Origami Fox & 
Happy Origami Day!


Any Suggestion For Next Year?

Put your comments below.

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