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Pre-Listing Inspection

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Townhomes

Service Description

Agents, A 4-Point Inspection provides you & your clients with Verbal Comprehensive information on the current condition of your Townhome & includes recommendations for property repairs & enhancements to improve the Townhomes' value and marketability. We're a Certified, Insured Inspection Company that is First Time Seller Friendly, We take the time necessary to explain that every Townhome has problems, Understanding the problems can make the home sell faster. A 90 minute 4-Points Inspection is one where the Home Owner walks through taking notes as the Inspectors provides the information verbally, No report will be provided, so there is no wait time, this is one of fastest and best ways to find initial problem before listing their home on the market. If more time is needed, time can be added for you to fully understand the issues of your home before you open your doors to the public. Every Inspection Includes: A thorough Walk through with the Inspector to fully understand any deficiencies of the property, Thermal Imaging / Infrared Camera, (FREE) Gas-Leak Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detectors We Know the Importance of a Home Inspection Done Right. A Home Inspection Can Increase a REALTOR® Chances of a Successful Sale By 87% When Done Properly. Our Goal is to Provide REALTOR® with the Fastest, Most Convenient, and Most Comprehensive Home Inspection. *Check out our Realtor Benefits tab at the top to see Realtor Incentives.

Contact Details

+ 801-436-7233

Po Box 95651, South Jordan, US-UT 84095, USA

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